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Free Selective Singles Dating Service: The Select Way to Find a Partner -- and it's free

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
- Bill Wilson              

        ➡ Detailed personal assessment.
        ➡ Looks at the real person.
        ➡ Focus on values and compatibility.
        ➡ No "profile" to have to figure out.
        ➡ No reading through profile after profile. The website does the work.
        ➡ No "secret formula". You decide what criteria to match on.
        ➡ Be as selective as you wish.
        ➡ Reverse matching. You know the other person wants what you offer.
        ➡ Completely free.

Are you tired of selling yourself? At other dating sites you are required to post a picture and write up a profile which you use to "sell" yourself to others. If you are creative and good at presenting yourself, you are successful; if you aren't -- not so much! Wouldn't it be nice to not have to try to sell yourself to others? That is why this site does not use profiles and pictures. Instead of trying to create something to make yourself sound good to others (and have to read through all those creative attempts by others), how about just asking questions and finding people who have the characteristics that you desire? That is what this site does. Instead of writing up a description to try to make yourself sound "desirable" to others, you simply answer a detailed questionnaire, and then you decide how you want your potential matches to have responded. No having to make yourself "sound good", and no having to read through profile after profile trying to decide whether somebody "sounds good", when they're probably not telling you what you really want to know.

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Note: A while ago I had to take down the database for Free Selective Singles due to technical problems with the server. Since then numerous people have visited the site but none have contacted me with interest in getting it working again. It will take a fair amount of effort to redesign the site and I have plenty of other "things on my plate" to do, so I am not likely to get around to making the site operable unless people contact me with interest in my doing so. If you click on the "Sign Up With Free Selective Singles" link below, you will be able to scroll through the pages of questions that you would be answering if you were able to sign up. If you would like a dating site where you don't have to "sell" yourself and spend your time trying to "decipher" the frequently creative but sometimes-not-very-accurate "profiles" that people write about themselves, please let me know (, and I will prioritize getting FSS going again!

Thanks, Ward Ricker.

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